Editorial: Register to Vote

Register to end apartheid in the Western Cape, the last bastion of white privilege.

Do not let the chance for real change in our communities to pass you by. Register to Vote EFF so that we can finally achieve the rights and rewards due to the poor in this province.

All over the Western Cape, structural and economic apartheid is enforced by the DA. Land is being seized from the poor and reserved for the rich in rural areas. Under the premise of “nature conservation” land continues to be stolen from under the noses of the landless and reserved for whites, while the unconstitutional forced removals of the poor from their homes continues under Patricia de Lille and Helen Zille.

The DA’s practices are apartheid by other means. Its leadership is comprised of former apartheid operatives who give instructions to brainwashed and compromised leaders of colour like Patricia de Lille. She is only interested in watching her pension and investments grow, so now it is time to pension her off so that she can spend more time on the golf course.

In our townships Patricia de Lille’s DA sends health inspectors to spaza shops and small businesses in the same communities that there are bucket toilets. Patricia cares only about one kind of business – white corporate business. She doesn’t care about the growth of small businesses that form the cornerstones of communities.

If you vote DA, it means that you are happy with the creep of poverty, the scourge of drugs, the culture of gang violence and the land grabs at the behest of capitalists.

If you vote DA, it means that you are pleased with the creation of ghettos like Blikkiesdorp and Wolwerivier, townships that have no access to economic opportunity and the bare minimum of service delivery.

If you vote DA it means that you hate the poor and love apartheid.

We must vote these capitalist white supremacists out of the city and out of the province.

Over the next few weeks EFF Western Cape will announce exciting new policy platforms and an election manifesto that would ensure economic freedom in the lifetime of all who live in the Western Cape. These documents will stand in stark contrast to the empty words that emanates from an ANC that is fighting a losing battle for relevance to the people of the Western Cape. The ANC is only good at fighting with itself while the fight for the economic freedom of the poor is abandoned.

The so-called “born free” generation have every right to ask “what freedom?” When they look at their communities and the disparity in resources allocated between the well-to-do areas and those in need of urgent intervention it is clear that the promises of the revolution remain unfulfilled. The EFF is the home of the new generation of freedom fighters. We have a radical agenda for change that was abandoned in 1994.

This is an opportunity to wipe the smirk off the face of capitalism in this province. Register. Encourage those around you to register. Vote EFF for economic freedom.

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