Raise your voice – by Access to Justice

As we converge on a multi-disciplinary synergy, to raise the profile of Justice and
expose the evil of injustice, that actions the restoration of all who have been disenfranchised
by the scourge of the onslaught of capitalistic predators, who have subdued our people,
to enrich and preserve the status quo of the privileged, at the expense of the rightful owners.

We choose not to be silent,
but intentional and steadfast in the advance, that builds momentum, when our voices converge,
To bring down and crush every system of injustice, unrighteousness and marginalisation.
My voice matters, and I know the power that ONE person has, to make a difference.

That’s what really matters, when it matters most!

If we be silent, who will tell the truth,

If we do not tell the truth, how will the lies be exposed,

If the lies remain undercover, the injustice perpetuates,

The evil of the structures that deprive us from all we were created to be, prevails.
If we remain silent, our dumb tongue, incriminates, implicates,

and we become an accomplice with the perpetrator,

But our silence does not numb the heart,

From feeling the wrenching pain of the silent torture of helplessness in the face of rampant injustice,

On our streets, in our workplace, in our community, in our government, in our economy

Raise your voice, my brother,

Open your mouth my sister,

Sound the clarion, my comrade

Speak, so they will hear, what trembles within your heart

Brimming to spill over into decisive action.
Posture your heart to action what you believe,

To advocate on behalf of those who need to be empowered,

To build courage in the hearts of those who have been bruised,

Broken and humiliated,

So that we do not need to become the voice of the voiceless,

But restore THEIR voice, and create the platform,

For them to share their own narrative,

By raising THEIR voice, and help them in RE-STORY-ING them back to their original template!

Of honour and dignity.

We are purveyors of hope,

To build courage

To infuse the tenacity and

galvanise resilience

to never even consider giving up, but rather to rise from the injury

To web the broken spirit back together again and

Stand behind the fragile remnants

Lift up their weary arms,

And let them open their mouths,

To Raise a cry of indignation,


To arrest the march of injustice, prejudice and disenfranchisement,

Swells a protest against the silence and apathy that once paralysed us,

To not rest until the giant is brought down,

Crushed to pieces, never to be resurrected again, or preserved,

Breathing the wind of life into almost dying casualties,

Until their voice roars with victory over the injustice they have survived

And the abuse and denegration they have endured, ceases,

Dignity is restored,

their humanity emerges again

and we can revel in the celebration of each others honour and value.

Until then, we cannot rest,

We will not retract until all are at PEACE (nothing missing, nothing broken)

Shalom, Shalom


Written by Access To Justice

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