Press Statement: Attempted hacks of

Over the last 48 hours 1433 attempts have been made to hack, the website of Economic Freedom Fighters in the Western Cape. These attempts have failed.

Clearly we are hitting a nerve with someone. Usually attempts at a hack are the result of a bored kid who is doing it for the lulz, but the sophistication of the failed attack bears the hallmark of a well resourced intelligence unit.

Someone has worked overtime this weekend, more than likely at the behest of Wale Street. It is common knowledge in cyber intelligence and anon circles that the DA’s intelligence unit is capable of this level of SigInt interception. Had this attempted hack emanated from the National Intelligence Agency, it would have been fait accompli given the immense resources at the disposal of our intelligence services.

Red Tide still stands against the blue wave in the Western Cape. If you refuse to desist from such attacks, and we trace you,

I only have two words for you

“Expect us”.

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